Slew Drives

A slewing drive (or slew drive for short) is a complete, ready to install system that consists of a ball or roller slewing ring (bearing), drive train, and completely enclosed housing. It can be customized with hydraulic or electric motors, brakes, planetary gearboxes, corrosion protection, and many other options.

IMO Slew drives decrease costs by replacing complex in-house systems in machines that rotate heavy loads and require functionality and innovation. They have an unlimited slewing angle and range, move smoothly and jolt-free (no slip/stick effect), and provide the most efficient transmission of high power and torque possible. Their completely enclosed and sealed housing withstands harsh environments and increases safety.

  • Compact packages for space-saving installations
  • Technical support and knowledge
  • Maximum load capacity in a compact design
  • Extended life
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Easy to integrate into existing applications
  • Modular construction allows very quick modifications
  • Special designs available
  • Available with flanges for all standard electric, hydraulic motors and/or planetary gearboxes
  • Worm or pinion driven
  • Sealed raceway system
  • Housing which completely encloses the gearing (grease reservoir, protection against contamination and contact)

WD-L Series

Our WD-L series provides a level of quality and reliability that you won’t find with any other manufacturer.

WD-H Series

The WD-H series offers a significantly higher carrying capacity than comparable slew drives, while remaining compact and unmatched by the competition.

SP-I Series

IMO’s SP-I spur gear series allow continuous rotation without sacrificing load capacity.

SP-H Series

The SP-H spur gear series has all characteristics of the SP-I but with increased load capacity.

Applications for IMO Slew Drives:

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    Amusement Park Rides
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    Other Vehicles: Land, Water & Rail
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    Small Wind Turbines
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    Radars, Antennas, Telescopes, and Mirrors
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    Mixing, Spooling, Pelletizing, and Clarifying Equipment
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