SP-H Series

SP-H Series Overview:

Diagram 1: Maximum torque Md max of individual sizes

Limiting load diagrams of individual sizes for “compressive” load

Please refer to the explanations in the Technical Information section of the catalog

Verifying tooth base fatigue strength:

Valid for the following conditions:

  • Output speed: n = 3.0 rpm
  • Repeated load
  • Ambient temperature of 20°C

Md B: Operation torque [Nm]
Md nom: Nominal torque [Nm] for SF = 1 and n = 3.0 rpm (see dimensions table)

If the following equation is met, the stress level of tooth base is below the endurance limit and fatigue is infinite:

Fatigue stress of tooth base needs to be considered however, if the following equation is met (if so, refer to below additional steps to verify life):

The operation is permissible as regards the fatigue stress of tooth base, if the following equation is fulfilled.

EDB: Duty [%]

Gw: Limit value from diagram [h]
Bh: Operation time [h]
EDB: Duty [%]

Verification of the pitting and wear safety of tooth flanks must be done by the IMO Engineering Department!