German Engineered Worm
and Spur Gear Slewing Drives

Looking for a standard part?

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Why IMO?

IMO USA specializes in Precision German Engineered Slew Drives and Slew Rings. We offer custom engineered drive systems and ready-to-replace, standard bolt in slew drive systems. We pride ourselves on precision manufacturing, unparalleled performance, and the highest customer satisfaction in the industry. Engineers come to IMO when they want the absolute best. Our patented standard and custom slew drives will elevate any application above the competition. IMO is an extension of your engineering team, from the early stages of your project in drive selection and design, all the way through field support after deployment. We will maximize the potential of your application.

Total peace of mind: We take your project from start to finish and we provide complete engineering services to fill the gaps. Not only will IMO provide the best drives on the market, we support all phases of any project.

  • JIT Delivery with Warehousing in the US.
  • Engineering and Sales Support in the US.
  • Logistics and Shipping Services.
  • In-field troubleshooting.

When we first started out we tried many different brands of well-known slew bearings. In 2006 we found IMO and never looked back. The quality in workmanship is unsurpassed.
– Jason Enzor, Skylift

A Drive for Any Application

Whether it’s the high efficiency WD-L series due to its gear design as well as the worm gear bearing system, or the market-leading High Power Density WD-H Series due to its patented slewing system, or the IMO Exclusive Spur Gear Series with rotational speeds up to 175 rpm, or a Highly Customizable Drive…

IMO has a solution for any application.

We Are Experts At Identifying Solutions

  • IMO specializes in custom engineered solutions. We also offer a wide range of standardized slew drives.
  • Require strength? Our WD-H series features slew drives that remain compact while providing 3X the strength of comparable slew drives.
  • Require continuous rotation? Our SP (spur gear drive) series allows up to 175 rpm.
  • Require something else? Complete a data sheet and let us do the work to find your solution.

Our Solutions Increase Efficiency

  • Decrease costs: Our bolt-in parts easily replace more expensive, complex in-house systems. Their space-saving design has a long service life and low maintenance costs.
  • Improve quality: IMO’s completely enclosed slew drives to ensure the most efficient transmission of high power and torque possible. They withstand harsh environments, move smoothly and jolt-free (no slip/stick effect), and provide an unlimited slewing angle and range.
  • Save time: Exchange several components for a single part.

We Provide The Best So You Can Be The Best

  • Unparalleled quality and reliability from German engineered and manufactured gears and drives. We include life-time calculations and in-field support for the life of the program.
  • Engineering and sales support from our U.S. team.
  • JIT Delivery: we’ll ship standard or custom parts from our German headquarters to our U.S. warehouse in advance. This allows them to be stocked and delivered according to your schedule, so you benefit from lower inventory costs, lead times, and shipping costs.
  • IMO slew drives provide features and innovation unmatched by the competition.

Top notch product, service and engineering. The professionalism and promptness were welcomed after dealing with some of their competitors. Having their engineering department review my application coupled with their guidance was a nice guarantee the drives were sized properly.

– Design One

What Advantages Do IMO Slew Drives Offer?

  • Rotation under High Load in the harshest environments.
  • Slew Drives for any Applications.
  • Money Saving designs.
  • Industry only Custom Solutions

Whether you’re working on a new design or application or trying to replace a competitor’s underperforming or failing drive, IMO is here to help.

With over 30 years of experience in the design and development of slew drive systems and worldwide sales and engineering support, IMO has the proven capabilities to provide and support the optimal solution for any application.

Looking for a standard part?

Need a custom part?