IMO USA Slew Drives - The WD - L Series for 2021

Hi, my name is Jason Sfreddo. And I'm the vice president for IMO USA for business development and engineering here in the US. I'm going to talk a little bit about the WD-L range of drives.

This is a range of drives that we're quite proud of since they provide a level of reliability, quality, and technical variety that you're simply not going to see from other manufacturers. Since we developed these drives about roughly 30 years ago, these drives have often been imitated, but never duplicated in the market in terms of their technically superior performance. The WD-L series was originally designed for light-duty applications. It was one of the first series that we developed and obviously, the L stands for light duty.

But over time, through continuous and advanced engineering, this series has come to include drives that have rotational torque values up to 450,000-newton meters. Obviously, there's nothing light about that. These drives are available in a wide variety of options-- single or twin drives, the single or double-row raceways, bronze gearing, dual starts of the worm so you can eliminate the so-called stick/slip effect, high and low temperature variations, food-grade modifications. And that's just for the slew drive itself.

If you want to have a complete plug-and-play option, you can add motors, encoders, gearboxes, brakes, special housing, corrosion protection packages, special paints. There's so many different applications that the WD-L line could go in-- service trucks, vacuum trucks, forestry forklifts, mining equipment, amusement park rides, marine ship thruster systems. The list is really extensive. And if it rotates under a high load, that's where IMO USA would fit.

If you have any questions or need any technical specs, drawings, or would like to talk to us about your application, simply reach out to us by phone or email IMO USA.