IMO USA Slew Drives - The WD - H Series for 2021

So WD-H,  Slew Drive Series, the "H" literally stands for heavy-duty, so it was made for demanding applications out there. It's fully enclosed, has very high load and torque capacity, and has a very compact design. What makes that happen is it's based on the WD-L but on steroids. So the internal design is completely different to allow this. And we use it in many applications as well. Steering, mining, antennas, tilt rotator for attachments, heavy-duty positioners-- the list really goes on and on.

The WD-H series offers a significantly higher carrying capacity than comparable slew drives while remaining compact and unmatched in the industry. It has a crossed-roller bearing design, though with a twist. It's separated into two different raceways, which allows for high-load capacity in a compact package with maximum torque.

It comes in a variety of different options-- single drive, dual drive, one start of the worm, two-start of the worm, explosion-proof, corrosion protection, electric motors, hydraulic motors, gearboxes, and coders, brakes. The list goes on and on. We have many of the WD-Hs in stock in our South Carolina warehouse, ready to ship. If you need more information, technical details, or a catalog, give us a call or visit our website at