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Supply Chain Solutions (2021)

When we think about the types of machinery that utilize slew drives, the two things that come to mind are large scale machines and large-scale costs, costs relating to not only the potential profits to be made but also the investment in the need for that machinery to work as intended. When your company has…

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Stick Slip Effect Slew Drive Team Image

Stick-Slip Effect > Causes > Solutions (2021)

If you’re in the machine manufacturing business or work with excavators, grabs, cranes, rotary forklifts, or man-lift systems, you may have encountered it—a violent screeching sound, followed by a vibration or jerking motion, that slows your system down to a stop and repeats every time you rotate your boom or basket. If this sounds familiar,…

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Protecting Your Supply Chain (2021)

The current state of supply chains in the global perspective has never been more challenging and eye-opening than in the midst of this current pandemic. People around the world, both in business and their daily lives, have experienced some level of disruption of services they once took for granted. Whether it’s an extended delivery time…

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Vacuum Trucks > Tested Performance (2021)

When a job site needs a vacuum truck there are two things that come to mind – reliability and company image. These are two areas in which slew drives provided by IMO USA stand out amongst the competition. All slew drives provided by IMO USA are fully enclosed, unlike many of our competitors, and this…

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Superior German Slew Drives Image

Chinese or German-manufactured Slew Drives? (2021)

Why German Engineered Slew Drives are superior over Chinese built.

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IMO USA engineers look forward to hitting the road again! IMO USA joins more than 1,700 metal suppliers and manufacturing exhibitors and 48,000 attendees at Chicago’s FABTECH 2019.

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IMO USA + ICUEE (2020)

IMO USA to Appear at the ICUEE We are pleased to announce that IMO USA will join more than 1,000 utility and construction exhibitors at Louisville, Kentucky’s biennial International Construction and Utility Equipment Exposition (ICUEE) October 1-3, 2019.  The event runs from 8:30 a.m. until 5 p.m. on October 1 and 2 and continues through…

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Slew Drive Advantage Guide:Information and News image showingTeam Members inspection

The Slew Drive Advantage Guide (2019)

The Slew Drive Advantage Guide (2019) provides insightful information to help you understand how Slew Drives are the cost-efficient workhorse in the industry. Slew drives offer many advantages when compared to traditional gearbox systems and are mainly used for rotation under extreme loads and conditions.

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Slew Drive Information and News image of team member

Introduction to Slew Drives (2020)

What is a slew drive? If you are new to the industry, the following will serve as a brief introduction to slew drives. A slew drive is a type of gearbox that is specifically designed to handle high radial, axial, and moment loads. They are designed to withstand hold loads while also providing high rotational…

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