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Chinese or German-Manufactured Slew Drives?

Why IMO USA’s German Engineering is Superior. Brands don’t necessarily need the identity of a country behind them to succeed—but it is safe to say that for most consumers, brands and their country of origin are inextricably linked. Hear “Gucci” and there’s a fair chance that you’ll also think of Italy. The same goes for…

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IMO USA + ICUEE (2019)

IMO USA to Appear at the ICUEE We are pleased to announce that IMO USA will join more than 1,000 utility and construction exhibitors at Louisville, Kentucky’s biennial International Construction and Utility Equipment Exposition (ICUEE) October 1-3, 2019.  The event runs from 8:30 a.m. until 5 p.m. on October 1 and 2 and continues through…

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Slew Drive Advantage Guide:Information and News image showingTeam Members inspection

The Slew Drive Advantage Guide (2019)

Unique Benefits and Features of Slew Drives The Slew Drive Advantage Guide (2019) provides insightful information to help you understand how Slew Drives are the cost-efficient workhorse in the industry. Slew drives offer many advantages when compared to traditional gearbox systems and are mainly used for rotation under extreme loads and conditions. Slew Drives typically…

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Introduction to Slew Drives (2019)

What is a slew drive? If you are new to the industry, the following will serve as a brief introduction to slew drives. A slew drive is a type of gearbox that is specifically designed to handle high radial, axial, and moment loads. They are designed to withstand hold loads while also providing high rotational…

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