Vacuum Trucks > Tested Performance (2021)

When a job site needs a vacuum truck there are two things that come to mind – reliability and company image. These are two areas in which slew drives provided by IMO USA stand out amongst the competition. All slew drives provided by IMO USA are fully enclosed, unlike many of our competitors, and this adds substantial benefits. From the reliability standpoint, our product will outlast the competition using open drives which are known for overt grease leakage and build up. According to Jason Sfreddo the VP – Business Development and Engineering at IMO USA, the real added value provided by an enclosed drive is tied to the most challenging variable to predict – the people using the vacuum trucks.

Jason points out that, due to industry demands, operators of vacuum trucks and the companies employing them have many daily priorities that can take precedence over routine scheduled maintenance. This lack of maintenance and the exposure of open slew drives to the elements leads to rust and lack of lubrication in open design slew drives which can result in premature failure. The enclosed designs of IMO USA solve these problems which allow companies and their employees to focus on work getting done as opposed to ensuring their equipment will make it through the day.

IMO USA has done extensive testing of their slew drives specific to vacuum truck usage according to George Pfotenhauer, the Key Account Engineer, who points to a project in Germany using the WD-L 062 with a variety of water-based combinations under overpressure testing. All seals held in place despite the product being tested at levels well above anything the vacuum truck would expect to encounter on job sites.

In addition to the greatly increased reliability IMO USA slew drivers offer, company image is important as well. When your company has been hired to lease out vacuum trucks on a new worksite, the image you bring in will play a major role in whether or not you’ll continue to be contracted. Nothing looks worse on a job site then when vehicles and machinery show up looking like they haven’t been used and cleaned in years, and this is another fault with open slew drives. Due to grease accumulation, material exposure, and good old-fashioned rain, these open slew drivers are notorious for allowing grease to leak all over the truck’s body and frame. While this may not cause the onsite engineers and operators to bat an eye, when the executives come on-site to check on the progress it will definitely be something that stands out to them.

Messes are also avoided with enclosed drives during the assembly process for the manufacturers. Open drives are coated with grease from the factory and create messes for personnel and equipment during assembly. In contrast, IMO drives are neat, clean, and easy to handle during assembly with no messy clean-up afterward. Position drive, bolt in place and you’re done.

The last thing worthy of note when comparing the products and services you’ll get from IMO USA compared to our competitors is price point. We can assure you that the costs of our products, specifically slew drives, and related services are competitive despite offering slew drives of much higher quality. When switching from your current provider to the team here at IMO USA, you’ll also have the convenience of a drop-in replacement with our slew drives for your existing one as all of our products are built to industry-standard – thus no additional engineering will be required.

With the enhanced reliability, company reputation, and cost benefits that IMO USA can offer your company it’s time to consider making the change.

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