IMO USA - How To Bypass The Sales Departments in 2021

IMO USA is different. When you talk to us, you're talking directly to an experienced engineer. With that, there's no wasting time you bypass the sales department. We can dig into the details right away because we are the sales department.

As engineers, we're also invested in the success of our slew drive application. We just don't want to sell you something. We want to make sure it works and meets your needs. We can also offer direct support as well unlike your typical sales department.

We've been manufacturing and selling slew drives for more than 30 years into various applications. With that comes the knowledge of those 30 plus years. And we have a team of engineers ready to review your application as well.

When you call us, normally the question is, which slew drive would work for my application? Well, you're the expert in your application, and we're the experts in our slew drive. So we have a list of questions. We ask you that. You more than likely know about your load cases, orientation, that sort of thing. And from that, we'll work with a team of engineers to find a solution for you.

You can get either. You can get a standard design, that's the kind of long version, that is in stock, ready to ship. Or we can do a full custom solution tailored to your application.

Give us a call today. Email us through the website with any technical questions you may have. We're here to help.