Do you stock slew drives in the US?

Yes! We stock a variety of slew drives and replacement parts in our South Carolina warehouse.

Where are your slew drives manufactured?

All of our slew drives and slew rings are manufactured at our Headquarters and plant located in Gremsdorf, Germany.

How long does it take to get a quotation?

If you know the part number of the slew drive needed, a quote can be generated usually same day or within 24 hours. If you’re not sure on the needed slew drive, please reference our “What to Expect” page under “Use IMO Engineering Services”.

How long does it take to get the shipment from Germany?

We have the ability to ship via sea or air. Sea freight takes approx. 4 weeks while air freight takes approx. 1 week, accounting for customs, etc.

How do I get a catalog?

Please send us a request and one of our Sales Engineers will send you a .pdf version or hard copy through the mail.

How do I get in touch with an engineer?

Please give us a call on the main number or submit a request for a quote through our website.

Can I choose the color of the slew drive?

Yes. We can paint to most specs and color codes for a minimal fee.

Do you offer custom slew drives?

Yes. We have a engineering department and design team specialized in custom slew drives. Unlike other manufacturers, we will design a slew drive based off your application with no minimum order quantity. Please refer to our “What to Expect” page under “Use IMO Engineering Services”.

Can your drives rotate continuously?

  • Our patented SP series (spur gear slew drive) is the only fully assembled and sealed slew drive system on the market that is capable of true continuous rotation.
  • Like all worm gear systems, our WD (worm gear) series drives require short intermittent rest periods in any given minute to dissipate heat built up during operation.  The exception to this is if bronze gearing is used which has been used in many applications at IMO.  Contact us to explore the potential use of bronze gearing in your application.

Do you offer replacement parts?

Yes. Please contact your sales engineer for parts availability and pricing.

Do you offer rebuilds?

  • Re-builds are available in Germany, but are sometimes cost prohibitive due to shipping costs.
  • Currently for the WD-L and SP series, it is more cost effective for a customer to buy replacement parts and make the necessary repairs themselves.
  • Long-term, IMO plans to install a Service Center to handle repairs and re-builds in the US.

Can you supply a motor, encoder, brake, etc.?

Yes. Any of these items can be specified and assembled on your drive by IMO prior to shipment from the factory. Contact your sales engineer for assistance in specifying one of these peripheral components.

What’s a normal lead time for delivery?

  • IMO USA stocks many standard drives in our warehouse in Summerville, SC. These items are available for immediate shipment.
  • For items coming from Germany, the manufacturing lead-times can vary from 1-2 weeks for standard drives up to 12 weeks for special custom drives.
  • Ocean shipping times are 3-4 weeks .
  • Air shipping times are 1 week.

Is there a warranty?

A 1 year warranty is available for a drive that has been recommended and approved by IMO Engineering for a customer application. Please contact IMO on how to obtain a recommendation from IMO Engineering. Also visit our ‘What to Expect’ page for details on this process. Extended 2 or 3 year warranty is available for an additional fee.

Do you offer warehousing?

Yes. We offer warehousing for any size order for up to 1 year at our warehouse in Summerville, SC. The only stipulation is that all drives on a given order should be taken within 1 year after order placement. Contact us for details.

Are your slew drives corrosion proof?

Yes. We offer a variety of options for corrosion protection to a variety of ratings . IMO will specify coatings, seals, grease, motors, and other items in order meet customer requirements for the harshest environments. With over 30 years of designing for tough environments, we will have a solution to meet your needs. Please contact us to discuss options.

Do you offer a reduced backlash slew drive?

Yes, for the WD-L and SP series in the gearing as well as the raceway. The WD-H series does not have an option for reduced backlash.