Supply Chain Solutions (2021)

When we think about the types of machinery that utilize slew drives, the two things that come to mind are large scale machines and large-scale costs, costs relating to not only the potential profits to be made but also the investment in the need for that machinery to work as intended. When your company has accepted a contract, meeting the deadlines you have put in place for your client is just as important as meeting the proposed budget. In order to make sure those high output and large workload machines work as intended, you need not only the highest quality slew drive but also reliable and rapid replacements when parts reach their usable limits. Let’s face it, even though our slew drives are made to the highest quality, we know they will not last forever. That is why at IMO USA we equally pride ourselves on customer service and ensuring when our slew drives reach the end of their usable life, we are well stocked and ready to get replacements in your hands and on job sites as soon as the need arises. Even if that means we need to send out representatives to the job site. 

In today’s global economy there are countless variables at play in operating your company, especially when it involves large scale machines such as cranes, vacuum trucks, and others that rely on high quality and readily available slew drives. The key to growing your company follows the old saying of “control what you can control.” Often, to grow a company, challenging decisions need to be made regarding from where and from whom parts like slew drives are purchased from. When considering partnering with IMO USA as opposed to purchasing from our competitors, we not only offer the highest quality slew drives, but also a distribution and manufacturing model with a proven track record. It is no secret that in times of challenge at a global scale, companies in the manufacturing field are often the hardest hit due to the population density often coinciding with the locations of large plants – both in the United States and other countries, such as China and India. Thus, when you are weighing your options for your slew drives and related products, you need to consider the track record and proven reliability of IMO USA that you will be hard-pressed to find amongst our competitors. 

Now, while we hope that you consider bringing your company onto our team here at IMO USA, we also know that changing providers is an undertaking not to be taken lightly. The challenges in vetting, pricing out, and weighing the pros and cons of choosing a new provider of slew drives and related products is a process that can be both costly and time-consuming. However, we here at IMO USA believe that if this process is done thoroughly and with scrutiny, we will always end up being one of the final choices on the table. When considering the potential for volatility in the global marketplace and its impact on businesses, we have a current and very unfortunate pandemic on our hands which has had massive impacts on manufacturing in the United States. According to the Thomas Industrial Survey for February 2020 studying the effects of the coronavirus (COVID 19) in North America: 45% of suppliers reported their shipping and logistics have been disrupted. 28% reported they have been coping with these challenges by seeking alternative international supply sources, with an additional 28% seeking domestic sources of supply. In addition, 60% of manufacturing companies in North America identified themselves as having been affected by the effects of the coronavirus (COVID 19), despite the virus being significantly less prominent in North America at the time of the survey (February 2020). Challenge and uncertainty in times such as these, remind us all that businesses always need to be prepared for eventualities where their supply chain will be strained. Now, if you have enough cash on hand to have countless backup and replacement parts in your own storage – great! However, if your business is like most and wants to focus on reinvesting those earnings to grow your business, you will want to consider partnering with a provider who can handle this fail-safe planning for you. At IMO USA, we have slew drives in stock, U.S. warehoused, ready to ship with short lead times.

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