Pitch on the Safe Side

IMO Blade & Yaw Bearings rely on more than 25 years experience in wind turbine applications.


In small wind turbines, slew drives of
the SP series are used with or without
housings, WD-H or WD-L slew drives
are used as yaw bearings or for blade
adjustment in plant sizes of 20-150 kW.

Engineering Advantages


• Made from 42CrMo4QT

• Ball sizes up to 80 mm

• 4-point contact raceway configurations

• Superior sealing solutions replaceable
in the field


Customized, Reliable, Proven

• Non-corroding seal running surfaces

• Corrosion protection levels including C5

• Zinc flame sprayed surfaces

• Multi-coat paint systems

Your End


• Leak-proof offshore seal capable
of large deflections

• Used in rotors larger than 165 m

• Designed & calculated by bearing experts