What To Expect

There are several ways that we can help you:

Request a Catalog or Quote from Catalog:

  • Our catalogs contain a variety of technical data, load curves, dimensional data as well as a host of pictures highlighting our drives in the many applications that IMO serves as well as custom options for the drives.
  • The catalog is generally used as a starting point for ideas and engineering data and has engineering formulas and decision matrices for relatively straightforward initial selection and sizing of drives.
  • Contact us for a catalog as well as any questions that may come up while reviewing its contents.
  • Quotations for catalog drives can be obtained within a few days depending on the type of drive and quantity.

Use IMO Engineering Services

  • This is the preferred method.
  • Since every application is unique, we encourage our customers to contact us at the beginning of any project to discuss the specifics and nuances of their application. Our design and engineering services are free and early engagement allows us to design the optimal solution (performance vs size vs cost) since there are variety of engineering options at our disposal.
  • There are variety of design options at our disposal and many could not be put into our catalog due to space constraints.
  • The design process is fairly straightforward and usually take 1-2 weeks:
    • Fill out our application data sheet and send to one of our sales engineers
    • If necessary, we’ll contact you with any questions to clarify or fill-in any missing data on the application data sheet.
    • Engineering will review the data and will make a recommendation within 1-2 weeks after receipt of data sheets.
    • A set of lifetime calculations for both gearing and the bearing system will provided as part of the solution.
    • Recommendations for other items (motors, brakes, encoders, etc.) will also be provided at the customer’s request.
    • A 1 year warranty is available if the recommended solution is used for the application.
    • Quotations usually take another 1-2 weeks after agreement on the final design.

Complete Plug and Play Solutions:

  • IMO provides complete fully assembled solutions built at the factory in Germany that will arrive at your facility ready to bolted in placed and connected to your hydraulic/electrical system.
  • IMO can provide any of the following as part of your slew drive system:
    • Hydraulic Motor
    • Electric Motor
    • Planetary Gearboxes
    • Encoders
    • Adapters (if customer decides to supply motor)
    • Brakes (Permanent and Hydraulic Release)
  • Logistics Services
    • IMO can provide shipping services to anywhere in the world.
    • Feel free to contact us about shipments domestic and abroad.
  • Ordering
    • Ordering can be done through your sales engineer via purchase order.